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About Splunk
1. Splunk Overview
2. How Splunk Helps in Real World and in Big Data Environment
3. Splunk Capabilities
4. What are different Data Models Splunk Supports
5. Splunk Internal Apps helps in resolving real world issues.
6. Comparisons with other tools
Splunk Content
1. Why Splunk? How it is useful in BigData world
2. Splunk Capabilities
3. Installation of Splunk instances
Splunk Forwarder Installation
Splunk Indexer Configuration
Splunk Deployment Server Configuration
Splunk Search Head Configuration
4. Managing Splunk apps
Installation of different apps and their usage in Splunk
5. Splunk configuration files
inputs.conf, outputs.conf, indexes.conf etc..
6. Splunk index management
7. Creation of indexes, summary index creation, buckets creation
8. Users, roles, and authentication
9. Explanation about user creation, roles creation with configuration files
10. Forwarder Management
11. Installation of different types of forwarders
12. Data inputs in detail along with configuration files 13. Event Parsing with data preview
14. Default event logs parsing, using configuration files using parsing
15. Explanation about Regex and usage in Splunk
16. Manipulating raw data
17. Distributed search
18. Basic performance tuning
19. Problem isolation overview
20. Introduction to large-scale Splunk deployment
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