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Selenium Training Course is a standout amongst probably the most mainstream computerized testing suites. It is planned in a method to bolster and aid robotization testing of useful ingredients of online purposes and a huge sort of applications and stages.

On the grounds that of its presence within the open source crew, it has ended up a standout amongst probably the most acknowledged equipment amongst the trying out experts.The mobile driver, internet driver, Maven additionally furnish.

Many organizations, shall we embrace most are presently constructing web-based solutions to be run in a web browser.Leotrainings Best Institute Online training in Hyderabad all original browsers for automation Training. Additionally, it supports to write/run experiment circumstances without finding out scripting languages as well as to all fashioned languages comparable to Java, C#, Hypertext Preprocessor, Python, Ruby and Groovy scripts. Hence QA engineers in a position to make use of own scan circumstances and run.

Selenium Online Training In Hyderabad just isn't the just single device but is set of the tool which is used in more than a few scenarios. Let's recognize them.

  Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Remote Control (RC)
Selenium Grid

Integrated Development Environment

Selenium course training built-in development atmosphere (IDE) is the easiest framework within the course suite and is the easiest one to be taught. It's a Firefox plugin that you may set up as with ease as that you can with different plugins. However, considering the fact that of its simplicity, IDE must simplest be used as a prototyping device. If you wish to create extra-evolved scan circumstances, you are going to ought to use both RC or WebDriver.


WebDriver helps many more robust points which aren't supported in the primitive RC 1.X. The educational curve for internet Driver is much less, as you don’t need to have capabilities of RC and which you could instantly begin working on WebDriver. One ability over Selenium testing on RC is that you just don’t have to start the server prior to executing scan scripts.

The goal of the WebDriver’s to furnish a good-designed object-oriented API which gives you the enhanced maintain up for trendy evolved internet-app testing issues. Additionally, WebDriver is supporting dynamic websites the place elements of a page may change without the page itself being reloaded. The principal contribution of WebDriver is that its API and the native drivers.

The supported languages are the same as these in RC.
Hypertext Preprocessor

Selenium Grid

This course Grid is a tool used in conjunction with RC to run parallel tests across exceptional machines and specific browsers all whilst. Parallel execution approach strolling multiple checks immediately.


allows simultaneous going for walks of tests in multiple browsers and environments. Saves time greatly. Utilizes the hub-and-nodes thought. The Hub acts as a primary supply of commands to each and every node related to it.

Course Content

1. What is automation testing?
2. What is the use of automation testing?
3. What do we need to automate
4. What is selenium
5. Advantages of selenium
6. Difference between Selenium and QTP
1. IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
2. RC (Remote Control)
3. Grid
4. Web Driver/Selenium 2.0
IDE Introduction
1. Features of IDE
2. Installing S IDE
4. Recording your first test with IDE
1. How to identify elements in web page using selenium
2. Tools to identify elements / objects
3. Firebug
4. IE Developer tools
5. Google Chrome Developer Tools
6. Locating elements by ID
7. Finding elements by name
8. Finding elements by link text
9. Finding elements by XPath
10. Finding elements by using CSS
11. Summary
IDE Concepts
1. IDE Context Menu
2. Asserting the elements
3. Verifying the elements
4. WaitFor elements
5. Storing the elements
6. Adding SELENIUM IDE comments
7. Building test cases using SELENIUM IDE
8. Synchronization commands
9. Working on pages with AJAX
10. Creating test suites
11. What you cannot record
1. Go Back
2. Refresh
3. Enter key simulation
4. Mouse over
5. Highlight write your own SELENIUM IDE script without record and playback
3. Downloading SELENIUM RC
4. Installing SELENIUM RC
5. Starting Selenium server from command prompt
6. Stopping selenium server from command prompt and browser
7. Running Selenium scripts /tests from command prompt using Selenium RC
1. Set up SELENIUM RC in Eclipse using JUnit
2. Starting SELENIUM RC from Eclipse
3. Stopping SELENIUM RC from Eclipse
4. Start and stop SELENIUM RC from Script
5. Convert Selenium IDE tests to a programming language (JAVA)
6. Running script in different browsers with Eclipse and JUNIT
7. Sample programs in RC for Basic elements
1. JUnit Annotations
2. Junit Methods
3. TestSuites using JUNIT
4. Report Using ANT Build and Junit
a. How to install TestNG plugin in Eclipse
b. TestNG sample script
c. Writing selenium testing script from scratch
d. Creating test suites using TestNG
e. Reports generation using TestNG
1. Use of object repository
2. How to use OR in scripts
3. Sample scripts using object repository
1. What is Maven
2. Use of Maven
3. Configure Maven with Eclipse
4. Take automatic updates
5. How to run tests using Maven
6. Create POM.xml file
1. Introduction
2. Selenium RC and Webdriver
3. Downloading and configuring web driver in eclipse
4. Drivers for Firefox, IE and HTML Unit driver
5. First selenium web driver code
1. Text box
2. Link
3. Button
4. Checkbox
5. Radio button
6. Dropdown
a. Select value
b. Display all values
c. Write all values into notepad/excel/Wordpad
7. Capture screenshot (positive)
8. Handling on load alerts
9. Page scroll down using javascript
10. HTML Unit driver
11. Handling multiple windows
12. Implicit wait
13. Handling AJAX auto suggestions
14. Handling web tables
1. Draggable
2. Droppable
3. Mouseover
4. Selectable
5. Simulating right click
6. Slider
1. What is a function
2. Use of a function
3. How to reuse
4. Writing web driver functions
1. Introduction
2. Handling Flex/Flash buttons
3. Sikuli and web driver integration
1. What is frame work?
2. Use of frame work
3. Frame work using object repository and functions
4. What are different types of packages in frameworks
5. How to create reports
1. Introduction
2. Running the same script in two different browsers
3. Running different scripts in two different browsers


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