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PEGA Training Course is a trade method administration software. It is developed in Java and uses OOP and Java principles. And the tremendous abilities is we don't need to must construct the procedure from the scratch like several conventional programming.

It's fitting fashionable in view that of that, although most traditional programmers would disagree. And likewise considering the fact that of it is agile manner, Flexibility, and is extensible.Within the quick paced world the whole lot becomes computerized, right here PEGA helps to construct a utility mechanically without any coding skills.

We provide Pega online Training with high-stage project oriented training with Real Time Experts, we've got Reall-Time Pega specialists they are going to supports you come to be professionals in Pega with depth advantage.

We're offering training on from general principles to advanced principles which will you realize from basic to an advanced stage., I will teach you the principles with scenarios and I provide demo mission how it would be on real-time. Developed ideas like cleaning soap, restful provider How Pega will have interaction with external functions.


PEGA 7(PRPC) Course Content

• Introduction to BPM
• Introduction to PRPC
• Pega 7.1 Software Installation
• Organization Setup
1. Designer Studio
2. Operator ID
3. Rule Set
4. Access Group
5. Case
• Building New Application
a. DCO
b. Application Profiler
c. Application Accelerator
d. Application Express
• Introduction to Class Structure
a. Class Types
b. Abstract Class
c. Concrete Class
• Working with Class group/Work pool
• Explorer’s In Pega
• Introduction to Data Model
a. Creating Data Tables
b. Types of Properties
c. Creating Properties
d. Change the Appearance of a property
e. Create Embedded Properties
• Introduction to User Interface and Form Design
• Introduction to Process Definition
• Working on Stages & Processes
• User Interface
a. Create a Section
b. Create a Section Containing Multiple Layouts
c. Adding a Section to a Flow Action
d. Calling another Section in a Section
e. Selecting the Layout
f. Creating Flow Action
g. Creating Harness
• Process Definition
a. Different Shapes used in Flow & their purpose
b. Create Main Flow/Process flow
c. Create a Sub-flow/Screen flow
d. How to run the flow or creating work object
e. Create Tabbed/Tree navigation Screen Flow
f. Call a Sub-flow from another flow or from same flow
g. Design and Implement Screen flow
h. How to select Screen flow types
• Advanced UI
a. Add Image/Icon/Links
b. Apply Dynamic Fetch
c. Calling Data Pages
d. Repeating Layout and Tabbed Layout
e. Conditionally display a Section
• Activities and Methods
a. Explain the purpose of different tabs in Activity
b. Understand purpose of Pages & Classes
c. Different Methods used in Activities
d. How to call Activity from another activity
e. Different ways to call Activities
• Validations
a. Types of Validations
b. Rule-Edit-Validtion
c. Rule-Obj-Validation
d. Constraints
e. Difference between Rule-Edit-Validation and Rule-Object-Validation
f. Difference between ROV & Constraints
• Decision Rules
a. Decision Table
b. Decision Tree
c. MapValue
d. Calling Decision Rules in Flow & Activity
e. Calling Decision rules in Expressions
• Declarative Rules
a. Declare Expressions
b. Declare Constraints
c. Declare On Change
d. Declare Pages/Data Pages
• Advanced Activities
a. Create an Activity with a precondition and a Transition
b. Create an Activity to populate a Dynamic Select
c. Creating activity for Calling Integration
• Assigning the Work
a. Introduction on Routing
b. To Work List
c. To Work Basket
• SLA (Service Level Agreements)
a. Define an SLA
b. Assigning SLA to Assignment
• How to Send a Correspondence (E-mail)
• Configuring E-mail
• Work Parties
a. Creating Work-Party
b. Adding Work-party to Flow
• Agents
• Reports
• Migration/Deployment (Import & Export)
• Developer Toolbars
a. Clipboard
b. Tracer
c. UI Inspector
d. UI Tree
e. Where Am I
• Documenting the Application
• Connecting to External Database Using Connect-SQL
• Configuring Web Services (SOAP)
• Integration Connector & Services ( SOAP)
• New Features in Pega 7
• Difference between Versions
• PRPC Guardrails
• Certification Materials
• Resumes
• Interview Question


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This course does not have any sections.

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