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The Microsoft.Net Training Course is a broad programming language for redistributor Suite introduces the.Internet Framework run time and similar to files which are required to make any software from transferable to the online to the desktop. The MS.NET  Framework 4 works subsequent to each other with more established Framework variants. Internet net educational category in LEO trainings is meant to recognize the ideas and determinations of Web coding, investigating and creating of windows and Ms.NET Training functions. The propelled learner can settle on cutting-edge ASP.NET Internet Modules.

A programming infrastructure created by for constructing, deploying, and jogging purposes and offerings that use. Net applied sciences, similar to computing device functions and net offerings. The .Web Framework comprises three important constituents: the normal Language Runtime. The Framework type Library.

The Web is a programming framework created by Microsoft that developers can use to create purposes extra conveniently. As commenter worth aptly put it, "a framework is only a bunch of code that the programmer can name with no need to jot down it explicitly." In an ideal world, you would not want.Internet Framework. We also providing ASP.Net, MVC, C++, C# by means of real-time professionals

MS.NET Training Course Content

The .NET Framework – Introduction
1. Architecture of.NET Framework
2. Types of MS.NET Applications
3. MSIL / Metadata and PE files
4. The Common Language Runtime (CLR)
5. Common Type System (CTS)
6. Common Language Specification (CLS)
7. Types of JIT Compilers
8. Security Manager
9. MS.NET Memory Management / Garbage Collection
10. MS.NET Base Classes Framework
11. MS.NET Assemblies and Modules
Installing - Visual Studio.NET 2010 - IDE
1.Visual Studio.Net IDE - Introduction and Shortcuts
C#.NET - Language Basics
1. Variables, Constants, Data Types
2. Operators - Arithmetic, Relational, Logical, Bitwise
3. Operators - Assignment, Casting, Parsing, Concat, Comment
4. String and String Builder
5. Boxing and Unboxing
C#.NET - Console Applications
1. Entry point method - Main
2. Command Line Parameters
Compiling and Building Projects - (Implement 24 Programs)
C#.NET - Control Statements
1. Conditional
2. Iteration
3. Jump
Logical Programs - Psedocodes , Programs - 1
C#.NET - Procedures and Functions
1. Introduction
2. Prototype based
3. Call by value / ref based
4. Param Arrays, Optional Args, Named Arguments
C#.NET - Arrays
1. Dimensional Arrays - Single and Multi dimensional (C++/.NET)
2. Dimensional Arrays - Static and Dynamic
3. Why Array index starts with zero?
4. 3D Arrays and Jagged Arrays
C#.NET - Object-Oriented Programming
1. OOPS Concepts in Real World
2. Object, Class
3. Data Abstraction, Encapsulation
4. Inheritance and Polymorphism
5. Simple Class Implementation
6. C#.NET - Working With Class and Objects
7. Declaring a class with state and behavior
Adding Variables and Methods
1. Inline Methods
2. Nested Methods
3. Const Methods, Friend Functions
4. Properties , Indexers, Initializes
C#.NET - Shared/Static Members
1. Memory Allocations - Stack, Heap and Global Memory
2. Static / Shared State and Behaviors
3. Static Class
4. Object as Args and Return Type
C#.Net - Constructors and Destructors
1. Default, Parameterized, static Type
2. Memory Management and Garbage Collection
Polymorphism - Static
1. Method Overloading
2. Constructor Overloading
3. Partial Classes & Methods
4. Inner Classes
C#.NET Inheritance - Simple, Multilevel, Hierarchical
1. Interface, Dynamic Polymorphism
2. Deriving classes
3. Simple, Multilevel, Hierarchy
4. What is the need of virtual functions?
5. Virtual Functions C++ / .NET Solution
6. Pure Virtual Functions & Abstract Class
Diamond Problem - multiple Inheritances versus Interface
1. Implementation/Interface Inheritance
2. Class Reference and Sub Reference
3. Visit and Execute - Constructor/Destructor
4. Calling base class constructor/method
C#.Net - Delegates
1. Function Pointers in C++
2. Callback in C++
3. Delegates - Simple, Multicast, LINQ Based
4. Event handling and delegates
C#.Net - Exception Handling
1. Handling Exceptions using try and catch
2. Raising Exceptions using throw
3. Pre-defined Exception classes
4. Custom Exception classes
5. Using Statement
C#.Net - Win Forms
1. Introduction to windows forms
2. Controls - Label, Button, Textbox, Image
3. Controls - Combo box, Radio Button, Date Time, Timer
Menus and Context Menus
1. Menu Strip, Toolbar Strip
2. Grid View, Data bounds
Drag base versus Code Base Designing Control
1. SDI and MDI Applications
MS - SQL Server 2008 - Quick Tour
2. Introduction and Installation
3. DDL, DML and DQL, Key Constraints, Stored Procedures
Create Real time databases - Bank, College, Super Market
C#.NET - ADO.Net Framework
1. History of ADO.NET - Native API, ODBC, DAO/RDO, ADO
2. Managed Providers .NET
3. Working with Connection, Command, Data Reader
4. C#.NET Dataset - connection less
Working with Prepared Statements
1. Working with Stored Procedures
2. Data Tables, Data Columns and Data Rows, Constraints
3. C#.NET - Working with Components / Assemblies (Priv/Pub)
Developing 3 Tier and N-Tier Architecture Application (Industrial)
1. Creating a Simple .NET Framework Component
2. Revise ADO.NET in depth
3. HTML - Basic Controls, Forms, Frames, CSS, POST/GET Methods
4. How to create and deploy your own static web site?
5. Java Script and Jquery Basics
ASP.NET Basic Controls
1. Client Side Scripting versus Server Side Scripting
2. ASP.NET Introduction and Architecture
3. Static and Dynamic Website - Architecture
5. Client Side Controls versus Server Side Controls
6. ASP.Net AutoPostback
7. ASP.NET Web Form - Lifecycle
8. ASP.NET Field Validators - Required, Range, Compare, Expression
9. Client versus Server
ASP.NET State Management
1. View State
2. Query String
3. Cookies - Temporary and Permanent
4. Sessions
5. Static Class
6. Simple Login, My Account Logout Page Implementation
7. ASP.Net Login Control, ASP.NET Custom Control, Panel Control
ASP.NET Web Services
1. Web service as Producer and Consumer
2. Working with UDDI
3. Web service as Consumer
ASP.NET Master Pages, Skins, Themes
1. ASP.NET Menu, Navigation, Tree, Ad Rotator
2. Download from templates and Implement
ASP.NET Authentication and Authorization
1. Windows Authentication, Forms Authentication, Passport Auth
ASP.Net Data bound controls
1. Data from Pages, Collections
2. Data from Data source controls, Data views, Repeator Control
3. ADO.Net integration with ASP.NET
ASP.NET Website Deployment on IIS and Windows Deployment
1. Rich GUI - AJAX.NET, HTML 5
2. MS.NET Threading and MS.NET 4.5 Framework
3. MS.NET Advanced Features Overview - WPF/Silver Light, WCF, MVC, SharePoint
4. C#.NET and Sql Server 2008 - Technical Assessment
5. HTML, Jquery and ASP.NET - Technical Assessment
6. Project Based Lab Assessment - State Management/ADO.NET/Master Pages


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