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Android Training Course is a Linux-based functioning and open source framework for cellular phones along with superior mobile telephones and pill PCs. Android become formed with the aid of google. It's an application improvement programming dialect for cellular telephones. One of the maxima broadly used mobile OS these days. It is a software program bunch comprising not only the running gadget however also middleware and key programs.

Android Course Training Institute in Hyderabad it's was founded in Palo Alto of California, U.S. With the aid of Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White in 2003 Changed into received by way of Google in 2005. After original release, there were some of the updates in the authentic model of Android. it is a powerful Operating System assisting a big number of applications in Smart Phones. These applications make life greater comfortable and superior for the customers. Hardware that helps Android is specially based totally on ARM architecture platform.

Android Course Content:

1.Introduction To Mobile Apps
Why we Need Mobile Apps
Different Kinds of Mobile Apps
Briefly approximately Android
2) Introduction Android
History Behind Android Development
What is Android?
Pre-standards to learn Android
Brief Discussion on Java Programming
3) Android Architecture
Overview of Android Stack
Android Features
Introduction to OS layers
4) Deep Overview in Android Stack
Linux Kernel
Android Runtime
Application Framework
Dalvik VM
5) Installing Android Machine
Configuring Android Stack
Creating Eclipse Environment
Integrating Android with Eclipse IDE
Exploring Eclipse IDE
6) Creating First Android Application
Creating Android Project
Debugging Application thru DDMS
setting up the environment
AVD Creation
Executing Project on Android Screen
7) Android Components
Broadcast Receivers
Content Providers
8) Hello World App
Creating your first project
The manifest file
Layout resource
Running your app on Emulator
9) Building UI with Activities
Activities Views, layouts and Common UI components
Creating UI via code and XML
Activity life cycle
Communicating information amongst Activities
10) Advanced UI
Selection components (GridView, ListView, Spinner )
Adapters, Custom Adapters
Complex UI components
Building UI for performance
Creating custom and compound Views
11) Notifications
Toast, Custom Toast
Status bar Notifications
12) Multithreading
Using Java Multithreading training
Writing an animated recreation
13) Styles And Themes
Creating and Applying simple Style
Inheriting integrated Style and User defined style
Using Styles as themes
14) Resources and Assets
Android Resource
Using assets in XML and code
Handling Runtime configuration changes
15) Intent, Intent Filters and Broadcast Receivers
Role of filters
Intent-matching policies
Filters on your manifest
Filters in dynamic Broadcast Receivers
Creating Broadcast receiver
Receiving System Broadcast
Understanding Broadcast motion, class and data
Registering Broadcast receiver via code and via XML
Sending Broadcast
16) Data Storage
Shared Preferences
Android File System
Internal storage
External garage
IntroducingSQLite SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database Opening and ultimate database Working with cursors Inserts, updates, and deletes
17) Content Providers
Accessing constructed in content material providers
Content issuer MIME types
Searching for content
Adding, converting, and getting rid of content
Creating content material provider
Working with content documents
Overview of services in Android
Implementing a Service
Service lifecycle
Inter Process Communication (AIDL Services)
19) Multimedia in Android
Multimedia Supported audio codecs
Simple media playback
Supported video codecs
Simple video playback
20) Location Based Services and Google Maps
Using Location Based Services
Finding cutting-edge vicinity and listening for modifications in location
Proximity alerts
Working with Google Maps
Showing google map in an Activity
Map Overlays
Itemized overlays
Displaying path on map
21) Web Services and WebView
Consuming web services
Receiving HTTP Response (XML, JSON )
Parsing JSON and XML
Using WebView
22) Sensors
How Sensors paintings
Using Orientation and Accelerometer sensors
Best practices for performance
23) WiFi
Monitoring and managing Internet connectivity
Managing energetic connections
Managing WiFi networks
24) Telephony Services
Making calls
Monitoring information connectivity and interest
Accessing telephone houses and standing
Controlling the cellphone
Sending messages
25) Camera
Taking pix
Media Recorder
Rendering previews
26) Bluetooth
Controlling local Bluetooth device
Discovering and bonding with Bluetooth gadgets
Managing Bluetooth connections
Communicating with Bluetooth
27) Android Application Deployment
Android Application Deployment on device with Linux and Windows
Android Application Deployment on Android Market

Our Spacial Training

LEO Trainings offers Best exceptional Online Training, Classroom Training and Corporate Training on software guides like sap (all modules), Data warehouse, Oracle, Java, Android, IOS, Talend , Jasper, Testing gear, Digital Marketing, QlikView, Workday and many others.. The excellent a part of our Institute most Real Time 10+ years experienced trainers. Well designed direction curriculum. Also, we offer live classes.

  • The course is based totally stay Project-Based Learning Approach.
  • Recorded periods of all the instructions can be supplied to you.
  • There can be Module-smart assignments and coding assignments to re-enforce your know- how.
  • After completion, of Course, certification and profession steerage will be furnished to every pupil.
  • instructor led Interactive online training and undertaking guidance
  • Assignments at quit of every magnificence to boost the standards.
  • We offer entire palms-on enjoy to each pupil on implementation of stay undertaking
  • 24x7 online help crew available to assist participants with any technical queries they'll have during the course.

LEO trainings are best the area in which u can change your future in your brilliant career with our Android online education in Hyderabad. After of entirety of the path you turn into the nicely certified expert within the marketplace. There are a lot of students are licensed with the aid of LEO trainings.

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Our training styles are very deferent from other running shoes. LEO training is a widely known education institute throughout the globe. The first-class a part of our on-line Institute is our properly qualified and industry expertise trainer. Our fantastic adventure started considering 2014 and providing nice first-rate on-line Android training course and live projects, task help on Android certificationrequired students.

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